When: December 2016 – January 2017

Based On: Italian Rapier

Summary: This Rapier study group was used to test material for our Rapier 101 class. Rapier 101 goes into BETA in February 2017 and will be in full availability in May 2017.

Sword & Buckler

When: February 2017 – April 2017

Based On: German Ms. I.33 (Orig. in Latin)

Summary: This is a study group to explore Sword & Buckler from Ms. I.33. Wayne Canne and Josh Parise are leveraging their experience and information picked up from other HEMA and WMA practitioners. This is intended to eventually be the source material to develop a Sword & Buckler 101 course, timeline unknown.


When: Coming Soon

Based On: Early KDF

Summary: Messer technique is very similar to Longsword and also utilizes a lot of Ringen technique.


When: Coming Soon; Pending acquisition and storage space for wrestling mats.

Based On: KDF

Summary: Leveraging modern study of wrestling (such as Judo) against historical German sources has allowed Scott Barb to create a course outline for a modern introduction to KDF Ringen.


When: Coming Soon

Based On: Meyer (German)

Summary: Use of these short curved sport weapons were common in Germany. While they were still weapons, they are often used in sport.

Single Stick

When: Coming Soon

Based On: Coming Soon

Summary: Single stick was often used as a gentleman’s game. It is a great training tool for Polish Sabre, Side Sword, and similar weapons.

Polish Sabre

When: Coming Soon

Based On:  Coming Soon

Summary: Coming soon