Nothing can describe the feeling of when you first pick up a sword. It is a powerful symbol from out of history. Come, and experience that with us.

Intro to Broken Plow Western Martial Arts & Sword Fighting

This 4-week introductory class is a pre-requisite that will help you get into the fold here at Pittsburgh Sword Fighters. The intro to sword fighting program is offered for both our Longsword and Rapier tracks.

This introductory class will cover:

  • What is Historical European Martial Arts
  • How Broken Plow functions as a club
  • Footwork and fighting stances
  • Basic cuts and thrusts
  • Body mechanics
  • Cutting mechanics

Once you’ve completed this class, you’ll be eligible to continue into our common fencing program which focuses on drilling, sparring and more advanced martial techniques.

Tickets for our introductory classes can be purchased here.

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