Nothing can describe the feeling when you first pick up a sword. Come, and experience that with us.

Intro to Broken Plow Western Martial Arts & Sword Fighting

Welcome to Pittsburgh Sword Fighters (Broken Plow Western Martial Arts)!

Thank you for your interest in learning and training with us.

We teach many different martial arts and weapon systems.

For our intro programs, you can choose between the following weapons/systems:

Medieval Longsword

The medieval longsword was a symbol of protection, justice, and righteousness. It is the noblest of all arms and the very essence of knighthood. Learn to fight with the longsword using the training system of 15th-century knights and nobility.

“I am the sword, deadly against all weapons. Neither spear, nor poleaxe, nor dagger can prevail against me. I will crush anyone who opposes me. I am of royal blood. I dispense justice, advance the cause of good and destroy evil. To those who learn my crossings, I will grant great fame and renown in the art of armed fighting.”

Intro to Longsword

Renaissance Rapier

The rapier was a 16th-century standard side-arm of the Renaissance courtier used as both a civilian weapon for self-defense and for honor duels. Its design and decoration compliments it’s owner’s fashionable dress, its rich embellishment a reflection of his wealth and status.

Intro to Rapier

Japanese Kendo

Kendo is the Japanese Way of the Sword. It is a modern martial art that uses bamboo swords (shinai) as well as protective armor (bōgu). Training kendo cultivates discipline that develops both the mind and the body.



Boxing is a combat sport that has been practiced since before the time of ancient Greece and the original Olympics. It has been used to train people for performance in the art of striking, however, boxing basics will improve whole-body strength, decrease stress, improve heart health, and improves balance.