Intro to Broken Plow & Sword Fighting

This introduction will help you into the fold here at Pittsburgh Sword Fighters. We spend four week preparing you for sword studies before passing you off to a 101 class.
Information on the intro class can be found here!

Level 100

Rapier 101: Beginner Single Rapier is designed as an ongoing cycle to teach basic Rapier fighting techniques. This class includes consistent review of the basics and introduction base concepts. The overall topics of this class run on a 10-week cycle; however, you will not take the same class every ten weeks. On average, students require 4-6 months to prepare for the test that grants access to the Level 200 classes. This class is in final BETA as of February 2017 and will be available to all students who complete our intro program in May 2017.

Rapier 100 pods are additional small-group intensive classes for students at this level. These typically hold 4-6 students and last for about 30 minutes. These classes are designed to address various needs in areas surrounding technique, fitness, and movement. Pods are usually priced at $5 per pod but this can vary if additional materials are required to run a pod.

Level 200

Rapier 201: Italian Rapier is the entry level class after passing your first test. R101 and the 100 series pods are designed to prepare you for both the test and to be an effective participant in R201. This will include more drills and introduce common concepts that are beyond basic but under the master level. Some discussion of secondary weapons and items will be introduced. This class is in active development and is planned to begin BETA in late 2017.

Rapier 202: Rapier & Dagger is the class that focouses on the skills and technique for Rapier & Dagger combat. This class is planned in 2018.

Rapier 203: Rapier & Cloak is the class that focouses on the skills and technique for Rapier & cloak combat. This class is planned in 2018.

Rapier 200 Pods will build on and add to the pods of the 100 level. The basic size, structure, and cost will remain the same, but the concepts will be beyond the basic level.

Rapier 251: Coached Sparring is a class that provides coaches for rapier fighters and is sparring/sparring game oriented. This class is still in development.

Level 300

Rapier 301 We are working on 300 level courses in Rapier for launch in mid to late 2018. These classes will focus on students reading, interpreting, and applying high level technique from historical Italian sources.

Additional classes, study groups, and pods are planned at the 300 level as students are ready to explore different manuals and paired forms.