Chuck Gross

Longsword, Fitness & Nutrition

Chuck is the Director of the Longsword Intro Program, Intermediate Longsword Instructor, as well as the Director of Fitness & Nutrition for Broken Plow.

He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach. He regularly holds fitness seminars and classes locally, as well as at regional events and tournaments.

Additionally, Chuck created HEMA Strong®, a supportive and inclusive Facebook group and website with the aim of helping all martial artists improve their fitness, training, recovery, and nutrition.

Beware of surprise dad jokes.

“Chuck, aka Chuckles, aka Dumbledore of House Gryffindor, the First of His Name. Longsword Instructor, Director of the Intro Program, Director of Plow Fitness & Nutrition, Demo Team Member, Web Site Guy, Back Office Admin, HEMA’s Longest Beard, and Creator of HEMA Strong.”