New Members
See the page for our intro class for more information. New members will prepay for 2-months of membership when registering for their intro class.

Base Membership
Membership is $75/month. This includes one Standard Class, referred to as your “Primary Class”. You may change your Primary Class from month to month as you advance through our program or to pursue other martial studies.

Base Membership Benefits

  • Attend as many primary classes as you would like per week
  • Access to Perks Classes (Self-defense, Alt Weapons, Ringen, Kendo Etiquette).
  • Member discounts in the Destroyer Modz store and on many brands of gear ordered through our store.

*PSF & GPW reserve the right to add, remove, or alter these benefits at any time. 

Additional Standard Classes
Standard classes taken in addition to your Primary Class will be an extra $15/month per additional Standard Class you are enrolled in for that month. For $100/month, you can take as many Primary Classes as you like (All You Can Fight).

Student & Family Pricing
Students, spouses and/or children in our program are eligible for a discount. Please speak to Suzanne for more information.

Special Classes & Seminars
Specialty classes and seminars will be offered at a specific member price, to offset special accommodations required for that session. Specialty classes will not normally be covered as your Primary Class. Members will receive better pricing on these classes and seminars compared to non-members.

Private Offerings
Private lessons and private group lessons are available. Please speak to Suzanne to schedule these.

Freeze You Account or Cancel Your Membership
You may freeze your account at any time. Requests made after the 1st of the month will take effect the following month.
Please email