The longsword, an ancient symbol of protection, justice, and righteousness. It is the noblest of all arms and the very essence of knighthood.

Broken Plow’s Longsword program is based on the works of Johannes Liechtenauer’s students.  This system of combat was taught in the Holy Roman Empire during the Late Medieval period (14th century). Liechtenauer’s teachings were recorded in the form of a mnemonic poem. His students penned explanations of what each line of the poem was intended to teach. Today, we interpret these works in order to recreate Liechtenauer’s system of combat. Fencing unarmored with the Longsword takes up both a bulk of this system and our study of it. The system also includes wrestling, fighting in armor with spear, poleaxe, dagger, and sword, messer, and horsemanship.

“I am the sword, deadly against all weapons. I will crush anyone who opposes me. I am of royal blood. I dispense justice, advance the cause of good and destroy evil. To those who learn my crossings, I will grant great fame and renown in the art of armed fighting.”

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