Wizards and witches welcome! (muggles tolerated…)

You are cordially invited to Pittsburgh Sword Fighter’s 2nd annual Yule Ball.

Join us at the great Hall! Be amazed and bewildered as we magically transform PSF’s facility into your favorite School of witchcraft and wizardry.

This is a 21 and older event.

The evening’s festivities will include…

  • Limitless libations at The Three Broomsticks!
    (don’t forget to bring a Knut for the bartkeep. Nobody wants a cursed cocktail!)
  • Fantastical feasts! A spread to rival the great Hall itself. The house elves have been working overtime on this one.
  • Glorious games of chance and skill!
    Test your nerve and magical prowess as the four proud houses of Hogwarts present…
    •Potions with Slytherin
    •Quidditch with Gryffindor
    •Divination with Hufflepuff
    •Galleons with ravenclaw
  • Do your part to help win the house cup!
  • Delightful dancing! Do the hippogriff, as our MMC (Mystical Master of ceremonies) spins till the wee hours of the morn.
  • Hunting Hidden Horcruxes! Help Dumbledore locate The hidden horcruxes. Do your part to rid The wizarding world of these horrors and be rewarded for your services.
  • The Champions Cup. Only the truly daring will choose to enter their names into the goblet of fire. Are you one of the brave (or the foolish)?

This is a dress robe affair (black tie for you No-Maj) so leave your quidditch robes in the locker room.

A warning… know your house, or you will be sorted…

Don’t miss an evening sure to be filled with exhilarating entertainment and eternal glory!

Festivitus Maximus!

***Please note: refunds cannot be issued after December 6th***